Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brand New inspired

"The Archers Bows Are Broken" by Brand New inspired this poem. It's darker than the other poems I have been posting, but I don't think Brand new has ever written a happy song.

Hysterical grins and gurgled cackles

I tried to imitate humor rather
than horror because the mess is less
and nobody will start to worry.

This is funny, isn't it? 
A scalding wreckage of a 
lacerated body, unsettled and loose, 
like a cannon off its hinges,
careless of the firing commands. 
The wild man performing for everyone. 
A joke of a person, void of 
ambitions or stipulations
worthy to earn respect.

I danced on the bridge,
hat on the ground, begging 
only for a compliment or a friend. 
As I twirled and twisted, kicking piles 
of gravel rhythmically, believing that 
the pebbles sang, "You can only blame yourself."
and I agreed.

So I pinched my head long enough
and I hit my brain hard enough,
to cause a reaction,
to catalyze a movement
within myself to make a new disease. 
Something fierce enough,
something strong enough
I'd have to invent a new attack.
And in the hopes of a formula
I'd work a solution, into a being felt fit
to garner something more than a blink.

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