Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Survival Essentials

I'm going to start putting up some of the poems I have written. I took a creative poetry writing class last spring and it peaked my interest. It's a lot like writing songs, so I likes it a lots. This one is about my childhood at the Gormans' old house on Cedar Avenue. Imaginations grew wild there.

Survival Essentials

I remember my first decade 
when thinking was an adventure at
our wooden house on Cedar Avenue.
A tree house forewarned our fears
with a misspelled sign reading,

I remember my Ninja Turtle toys in
the sandbox, how that single square of the 
world was a universe to us and 
the little plastic became living people.

At the edge of the yard, honeysuckle bushes
arched together to form a tunnel.
I remember it led to another realm
where we went to live, not to escape.

I remember our tent indoors.
Trusting our flashlight defenses 
because those beams of light scattered
darkness, and bathed the frightening faces
with the comfort of dawn.

I remember how everything existed and nothing mattered.
We lived inside our minds
and the outside world embraced us.
Now I must see adventure in the
future of children and careers. 
To never become trapped by the
indestructible walls of a cubicle. 
To search for honeysuckle tunnels
lining the path that is essential
for my vital systems' survival,
to still believe everything exists and nothing matters.

*Side note* I really want to see the new movie Where The Wild Things Are. By just seeing the commercials, it seems to capture exactly what I'm trying to say in the poem. My belief that holding onto your head and heart from childhood is one of the most important things anyone could possibly do. Also the song "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire in the commercial is oh so glorious. Where The Wild Things Are trailer

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